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Saturn Industry

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Our versatile ink solutions cater to a diverse range of industries, including PET Plastics, Packing Cartoon, Medicine, Food Packaging, Furniture Wood, Wire, and Cables. With our high-quality inks, PET plastics manufacturers achieve vibrant prints for product branding, while packaging carton companies ensure eye-catching packaging designs. Pharmaceutical companies rely on our inks for precise marking on medicine containers, and food packaging industries trust us for food-safe and durable prints. Furniture wood manufacturers achieve attractive finishes with our inks, while wire and cable manufacturers ensure clear and durable markings. Whatever your industry, trust Saturn Digital for exceptional ink solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Solvent/ Flex Print

Outdoor Singage

Vinyl & Wallpaper Print

Indoor Signage

UV LED Sign Board


Glass UV Prints

Interior Print

MDF & Wooden Doors

UV Prints

Wire and Cables

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