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Saturn Digital's DOD printers provide a flexible, reliable, and durable solution for marking various substrates.

Drop on demand (DOD) printing technology, offered by Saturn Digital, is a versatile inkjet printing method where ink droplets are ejected from the printhead only when needed. This technology encompasses two primary subcategories: 'thermal' and 'piezo,' each employing different methods to generate the necessary pressure pulse within the printhead.

In DOD printers, the ink within small cartridge chambers is heated until it evaporates, creating ink bubbles. These bubbles then expand and inject tiny droplets of ink onto the printing surface through a nozzle. Precise control is achieved as each nozzle operates independently.

The key advantages of drop-on-demand inkjet printers, offered by Saturn Digital, include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: By directly printing on the item's surface, the need for manufacturing labels is eliminated, reducing costs
  • Large character printing: Due to the relatively large diameter of the nozzles, our DOD printers can produce notably large font sizes.
  • High printing quality: With drop-on-demand inkjet printing, the resulting printed image or text is clean and easily legible.
  • Superior printing on sensitive and uneven surfaces: Saturn Digital's DOD printers excel at delivering high-quality prints on delicate or irregular surfaces.
  • Compatibility with special inks: Our drop-on-demand inkjet printers are designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of special inks, including various colors for porous surfaces like paper, cardboard, and wood, as well as smooth, impermeable surfaces such as plastic, metal, and glass.

Choose Saturn Digital's DOD printing technology for exceptional print quality, versatility, and cost efficiency across a wide range of applications.

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